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Why solid shampoo?
It is silly and unnecessary to use plastic for shampoo.
Most disposable plastic is of such poor quality,
that it can not be reused or recycled,
therefore it usually ends up in incineration.
What a waste.
Reduce your plastic imprint

Worldwide, staggering amounts of plastic are produced every year,
and it does not seem to be getting smaller;
Unless we take action - now!

Reduce, reuse & recycle < / p>


We've made it easy for you.
Replace your silly plastic bottle .. now .. today!
Without compromising on quality, you can easily
Make the switch. Reduce!
Your welcome ;)

Shampoobars - Handmade in Denmark - No single use plastics and all natural products.

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We love nature

... And your hair.
We therefore consultate with hairdressers about our products. And we only test on human volunteers.
It is our utmost important thing to offer you the very best for your skin and hair. 
That is also the reasson the Green Salon aproval has been very important to us to get.
Both shampoo and conditioner bars are on Green Salon's positive list. 
Green salon is an eco-label that protects you from harmful chemicals. Birk is with this stamp, your guarantee that our products are not harmful to either hair, skin or nature. 
In addition, 1 of our Bar's can save you up to 3 plastic bottles of traditional shampoo.  
So no plastic, but environmentally friendly, organic and Danish-produced products - and the icing on the cake - we donate 1% of profits to the environmental organization Plastic Change.  
What's not to like ?!