Why solid shampoo?
It is silly and unnecessary to use plastic for shampoo.
Most disposable plastic is of such poor quality,
that it can not be reused or recycled,
therefore it usually ends up in incineration.
What a waste.
Reduce your plastic imprint

Worldwide, staggering amounts of plastic are produced every year,
and it does not seem to be getting smaller;
Unless we take action - now!

Reduce, reuse & recycle < / p>


We've made it easy for you.
Replace your silly plastic bottle .. now .. today!
Without compromising on quality, you can easily
Make the switch. Reduce!
Your welcome ;)

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BIRK er nemlig ikke til skade for hverken hår, hud eller naturen 

1 af vores Bar’ kan spare dig for op til 3 plastikflasker af traditionel shampoo. 

Pssstt… vi giver 1% af overskuddet til plastic change

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